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Expendable Upgrades

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A question in special, but transpondable to other upgrades that expend:


If I have Mandalorians equiped with Jetpack Rockets and decide to split up an attack into 2 shooting with the rockets and the rest of the unit shooting their normal weapons on annother target. Do the upgrade expend, although not all of the Mandos shot their rockets?


My opinion: Yes, one upgrade, all are equiped with it, but if i use the upgrade it is expended. Opponent claimed: not all of them have used their rockets yet, so they could use later unless all have shoot.

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Yes, the upgrade would be expended. You need to expend the upgrade to use them on even one miniature, and it would then be unusable if you tried to use it later. Note that the upgrade is added to the unit, not each individual miniature. 


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