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Melee advanced rules

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1) Two units are engaged with each other in melee, miniaures are in base contact. Here comes the activation of other units. If the actions of other units are affected, that the base to base of models breaks between some figures from these two units (e.g. the model from unit A is killed and the model from unit B is no longer base to base with it), is it immediately after how this happens, should model freed of base contact be moved to base to base with another opponent's model? Should you only do this  during melee or always? 2) Is it possible to add a melee model that is at a different height than the other models in his squad that was involved? For example, move the model down from height 1.

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1. The following bullet from melee in the RRG should cover this: 

Whenever there are minis that are not in base contact with an enemy mini but those minis have a melee weapon and the unit to which they belong is in a melee, those minis must be placed in base contact with an enemy mini in the same melee as their unit if possible. 

So the miniature that is no longer in base to base contact is moved into contact immediately after an opening is made. This happens whenever an opportunity to do so occurs. 

2. Yes. If a unit is on two different heights minis can still snap to a melee engagement.



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