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Cad Bane bombs and displacement

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Today I had a situation, that would need some clarification.


The Bane Token, Kablomo! is on the battlefield, a Dewback moves into range 1 one of the token, the player displaces while moving this Dewback, his trooper unit, that was previously not in range of the Bane token.

Now, as the opponent of the Dewback, I get to move the trooper unit with a speed one move. I move the trooper unit into range 1 of the Kablomo! token.


When does the token trigger? After the displacement, hitting both units or just the dewback or just the troopers?


Thank you

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The token triggers when the dewback movement is complete. Because displacement is a part of the move, you would trigger it after you finish moving the displaced unit. In your example, both units would be effected by the Kablamo! token. 


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