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Overrun and Terrain

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Overrun weapons state that they can be used when bases of miniatures overlap during the movement of the a attacker.

How does this work with terrain? For example the wookie Fluttercraft flies over a piece of terrain with a trooper unit in/under it. Can I still over run?  Furthermore if the fluttercraft finishes movement on a terrain piece which models are under. Can an over run be performed? And how does the Blast of the ability of the weapon fit into this? 

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As long as the base overlaps an enemy unit on a 2D plane, you can overrun it. That means that units that may be under terrain when you move over them are still valid targets.

Currently, neither of the overrun weapons in the game have blast - perhaps you meant suppressive? Suppressive on the Bombardier ensures the attack deals a suppression. Because overrun isn’t a ranged attack, it doesn’t natively deal a suppression token to the defender. 

Hope that helps! 


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