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Shadow Collective Maul: interaction with Darksaber and Saber Throw

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Apologies in advance for the long-winded question:

If you give Maul the Darksaber upgrade, he gains a Sidearm. The rules for sidearm specify "If an upgrade that adds a miniature to a unit has the sidearm: melee keyword or the sidearm: ranged keyword, the mini added by that upgrade cannot use any weapons during a melee or ranged attack, respectively, other than the weapon on the upgrade card that added that mini." The Darksaber, however, to my knowledge, the only upgrade which grants Sidearm that doesn't have text about adding a model to the unit.

Since you were using the model already, and not ADDING a model due to the Darksaber upgrade, can you choose which melee weapon to use with the Saber Throw upgrade?

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