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Splitting fire with one unit

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When it comes to the rules for splitting fire, are you limited with splitting fire to only other weapons from heavy weapons? Or can you split fire with each unique names weapons?


For example with the Mandalorian Super Commandos. If you have the unit with the Super Commando Gunslinger, Fragmentation Grenades, and Super Commando Jetpack Rockets equiped, could you have each of the four minis in the unit fire off a different weapon at a different target for four total? One with rockets, Gunslinger with his, one with a grenade, and one with their native westar or galar weapons? Or is it limited to only the gunslinger and then the other three on two total units.

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A unit can split fire with any of its weapons. The exception is weapons with the same name must target the same unit (so you couldn’t have two miniatures use the Galar rifle at different targets). A group of Mandalorian Super Commandos could split fire in the way you described. 


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