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Darkstar Darkforce Strike Rerolls

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1. A Failure cannot be rerolled without explicit permission to do so.

2. Some Powers and Attacks allow rerolls of "any" dice, so you can pick and choose, keep your successes, and reroll non-Failure misses.

3. Some Powers and Attacks allow rerolls of "all" dice, so you can reroll dice, but must reroll all of them. Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto is an example of this. It also happens to specifiy that Failures can be rerolled.


Darkstar's Darkforce Strike allow for rerolls of "all" the attack dice. It does not specify that Failures may be rerolled.

This means that if her attack roll includes any Failures, she may not reroll as her Strike specifies "all" dice and if the roll has any Failures, this would be against one rule or the other (all dice must be rerolled/can't reroll Failures).


Have I got that right?

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1 hour ago, Sleboda said:

Have I got that right?

No. The use of “all” prevents a player from picking a subset of dice to reroll. Other rules may create additional limits such as the Failure rules which prevent dice with that result from being rerolled.

If Darkstar’s attack roll includes one Failure and four Blanks, “reroll all” would allow her to reroll all of the Blank results. 

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Thanks for the quick reply. 

I'm a bit confused/struggling to understand the reasoning for the answer (not doubting - after all, you guys are the designers, so you are correct, obviously).

To me, this feels very much like a can/can't situation. At the very least, I'm missing out on the section of the rules that explain the "all" distinction in general.


The attack indicates you *can* reroll all the dice, not some. Failures *can't* be rerolled (baring something like Eye of Agamotto).

Can't beats can, per the main rules. So, the attack says you can (but no exception granted for failures), but Failures say you can't. Thus a roll that includes Failures - and includes the "all" wording - seems like it should prevent Darkestar from being able to use the rule. Don't you have to meet all the qualifications for rule in order to use it?

Gah! Confusing.


Again, not doubting. Just trying to understand the reasoning so I can try to come to correct answers on my own in the future.  Can you provide a bit of detail as to where/how the basic rules of the game would allow "all" dice to not actually be "all" dice?


Thanks again!

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