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Hacked Comms Unit and Coordinate interactions

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Can Hacked Comms Unit Trigger off a unit that is Coordinated? 

Example: Opponent plays a command card and issues an order to a unit just outside of range 1 on flutter craft with Hacked Comms Unit, BUT is able to coordinate to a unit that IS within range 1 of the flutter craft. 

Since Coordinate states "After you are issued and order, you may issue an order to a friend trooper unit at range 1" and Hacked Comms Unit reads "During the Issue Orders step of the Command Phase, after an enemy unit at Range 1 is issued an order, you may issue an order to yourself, if able."

Would the flutter craft be able to get and order token too? Since the Coordinated trooper was "issued" an order as well I believe that should trigger the Hacked Comms Unit, right?

Thank you!

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