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Climbing / Clambering off an edge with no vertical terrain below

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Is it legal to climb or clamber DOWN off of terrain that does not have structure directly underneath? Examples of this would be a bridge, rock cliff that extends out a couple inches, or awning/platform that extends out from a rooftop.

The rulebook simply states "If a trooper unit leader is in base contact with a piece of vertical terrain, it may climb." To be a peice of vertical terrain, must it connect to the "ground" ?  Technically the bridge has verticality to it (albeit may only be 1/4" or something like that, but a different type of bridge could be 2" for example)... perhaps by my loose definition, every piece of terrain technically has verticality to it.

There are obviously differences between bridges, awnings, and cliffs, but I'll avoid going into the weeds of every scenario in hopes there is a straightforward answer.

In all cases, the climb/clamber would essentially be a unit "dropping" from a height-1 object onto the ground, and the miniture would have no way of being in base contact with the terrain it "dropped" from. It has been ruled by several judges I know that you can "drop" (climb/clamber) down from these objects, but obviously you would not be able to climb back up.

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