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Attacking a Strained ship with a Homing Missle/Torpedo

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If you attack a Strained target with a Homing Missle/Torpedo, and the target chooses to suffer the [hit/crit] damage in lieu of rolling dice, would the Strain token be removed?

"After you declare the defender, the defender may choose to suffer 1 d damage. If it does, skip the Attack and Defense Dice steps and the attack is treated as hitting."


"After a strained ship applies the effect to roll 1 fewer defense die this way, it removes 1 strain token."
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A strained defender, who is being attacked with a Homing Missile/Torpedo and chooses to suffer the Hit/Crit damage would not remove a strain token during the attack.

A strain token can be removed in one of two ways, 1) A ship executes a blue maneuver or 2) A strained ship rolls one fewer defense die while defending during an attack. Since the choice of suffering a Hit/Crit results in the defense dice step being skipped and no dice being required to be rolled, a token would not be removed.


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