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Cohesion after Unit Leader is Defeated

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Cohesion after a Unit Leader is Defeated


If a unit is arranged in legal cohesion, shown in the figure below. If the unit leader is defeated (e.g. Force Choke or it is the only mini visible after suffering wounds from ranged attack) replacing any trooper A, B, or C with the unit leader mini will result in at least one mini not being within legal cohesion.


For Example:

If the unit leader is defeated and Trooper A is replaced by the unit leader, then Troopers B and C are then not within legal cohesion. When does this illegal cohesion get resolved?

Should troopers B and C be placed in cohesion immediately after Trooper A is replaced or should they be placed within legal cohesion after then unit makes a move, or is there another way this is resolved?




Thank you very much for all of your hard work.

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