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Satine Kryze crew and Hound pilot ability timing

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I'm wondering about the interaction between Satine Kryze crew and Hound's pilot ability. Can I activate Satine, give a ship a focus+deplete, transfer the deplete to Hound, and then give Hound a focus+deplete via Satine? Or does Satine have to fully activate across the entire list before entering Hounds ability into the queue?  The latter would mean that if Hound also took a focus+deplete, he would not be able to take the friendly ship's deplete. 


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Yes, in this scenario, when you activate Satine (crew) by spending the charges, you could have another friendly small ship in hounds arc resolve the ability and gain 1 focus and 1 deplete token before Hound. Hound's ability would trigger at that point, allowing Hound to transfer the deplete to themselves. You could then have Hound resolve Satine's ability for 1 focus token and another deplete token. Resulting in the Hound having two deplete tokens after Satine's ability finishes resolving.

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