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Missing the timing of a Special Condition.

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Basically what the title says.

What happens when you miss to "trigger" a special condition and placing the special condition because you and your oponent forgot.
In the manual or F.A.Q there is nothing to talk about this subject.

Usually when we play it end in two options

A) re-do the roll if you have a condition that affect your roll (incinerate, shock)
B) you missed, sorry.

There is any Oficial answer to this question?

Thank you.

Kinds Regards

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I found something regard this matter.

In the challenger events guidelines says that it depend entirely on the players to keep the game in a proper state and "If a player forgets to use an effect during the
timing specified by that effect, they cannot retroactively use it.".
But doesn't answer my question, is a special condition is mandatory?, what happens if you forgot to put the special condition or if u miss the special condition rule?

Kinds Regards

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Ultimately, this will need to be resolved by the players in some fashion. The rules can't cover every potential situation involving the rules not being followed correctly. It’s situationally dependent on how much time has elapsed and several other factors.

Hopefully the players can try to come to a resolution themselves.

If you are participating in an organized play event, you can request the Event Organizer or the Watcher for the event for assistance.

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