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Cad Bane Kablamo! Token and enemy unit with Incognito

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When a mini with incognito moves within line of sight and range 1 of an enemy bane token it is revealed correct?


"After an mini moves, deploys, or is placed at range 1 of an enemy Bane token, if that mini has line of sight to the token, the token is revealed. Miniatures can move through but cannot overlap Bane tokens"


Bane tokens are considered an enemy effect, but if the Kablamo! Token is revealed is it considered an enemy attack? Will the attack hit the unit with incognito? If it does will the unit lose incognito?

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Hey there! To answer your questions in short order:

Bane token is revealed: Yes.

"Kablamo!" token considered enemy attack: No.

Hits incognito unit: Yes.

Unit loses incognito: No.

Here's the relevant information from incognito in the RRG:

  • Attacks made by condition cards, objective cards, objective tokens, condition tokens, or charge tokens are not considered enemy attacks. Only attacks made by enemy units are considered enemy attacks.

The last bit should make it pretty clear. 

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