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Dynamic Exit Range Reduction Queries

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Hello there, 

For the new OP kit Dynamic Exit, the "Under the Cover of Darkness" rule states that one reduces the maximum range of all weapons by one and that units may not perform attacks beyond Range 3. Two questions about this:

1. If a Range 2 weapon has its range reduced to Range 1 due to Under the Cover of Darkness, does that weapon now count as a Range 1 weapon for the purpose of the Immune: Range 1 Weapons keyword on units like the T-47 Airspeeder? 

2. Does Under the Cover of Darkness affect the minimum range of weapons, particularly command card abilities like Co-Ordinated Bombardment or Maximum Firepower? As these weapons have a minimum range of 4, they would thereotically not be usable unless their minimum range was also reduced? 

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