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Hello, I have a question about the timing of the Barrage Generator, Overcharged Generator and Tenacity cards. When do you add the dice? 

From my understanding, you add the dice during Step 6 of the attack because that is when card effects modify the "attack dice". 

I came to this interpretation because adding is a form of modifying and that is the only mention of when attack dice should be modified by card effects. 

If you do add the dice to the attack pool during step 6, from my understanding, you have already done the "roll attack dice" step (step 4) so you can just set the dice to whichever side you wish.

Thank you for your time!

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Guest AMG_Luke

The upgrade cards "Tenacity," "Barrage Generator," and "Overcharged Generator," all add dice (and any weapon keywords) to the attack pool during step 2 of an attack, Form Attack Pool. Unless stated otherwise, any effect that adds dice to an attack, adds those dice at this step.

Note that, this is why "Tenacity" adds an extra die to each melee attack pool, since steps 1 and 2 are repeated if additional defenders are declared. 

While there are other effects that let a player "fix" the result of a die to a specific side, such as marksman, or add die results, such as Lando's "All In," there are currently no effects which add a die that is already set to a specific result.

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