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I have very specific question which can be summarized by "Can Coordinate:x stack?" 

Elaborated: When I'm playing Empire army and creating Corps unit: 2x Shoretroopers + 2x DF-90 mortar, if I add to one Shoretrooper unit Heavy Gideon Hask (which can coordinate corps tropper unit) and comms technician with HQ Uplink, can this shoretrooper unit which issue order to itself via HQ Uplink then use two coordinate keywords? One for coordinating other shoretrooper unit (by Gideon) and second for coordinate mortar?

Sequence: 1st shoretrooper unit issuing order to itself - then using gideons coordinate to coordinate other shooretropers and then both shoretroopers units use coordinate mortars resulting in issued order to every corps trooper unit.

Thanks for clarification and have a nice day.

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