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Placing device outside boundaries

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As per rulings:

A device cannot be placed so that a portion of the device would be outsidet he play area. If this would happen, play is reversed to before the device was placed—the device is not placed, any charges spent and other costs paid are recovered, and the player can choose to not place that device.


what happen for devices that has charges that cannot be recovered (such as mines, commandos, buzz droids etc)?

The game is revised to before as the action has never been done and the charge is recovered?


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As per the Golden Rules in the RRG, "If a card ability uses the word "cannot", that effect is absolute and cannot be overridden by other effects", meaning the cards "Cannot be recovered" rules override the RRG entry relating what happens if the device would be placed partially/entirely out of the play area.

So in these circumstances, the play would be reverse to before the device was placed but the charges spent would not be recovered because of the card text preventing this EG if you launched a buzz droid swarm and a portion of it would be outside the play area, you would recover the calculate token that was spent to launch the device but not the charge that was spent.

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