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Are Grunts Affiliated (for the purpose of team tactic card effects)

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Grunts are not listed as affiliated on the Affiliation document (dated 8/12/22), nor is there reference to a grunt being of the same affiliation as their parent in the rules .pdf.  Basic question, do grunt have an affiliation at all?  I understand that they do not benefit roster construction, but some Team Tactics cards only affect affiliated team members . . . in this case, do Grunts benefit?  

If not, please disregard following questions.


Specific example, team tactics card "A New Age"

1.  Do Nick Fury's grunts benefit from A New Age while holding a book from The Montesi Formula?

2.  If Red Skull, Master of Hydra is affiliated with SHIELD via The Initiative, are his Hydra Troopers also affiliated with SHIELD and thus benefit from A New Age?



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