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Covert Ops and Rapid Reinforcements/Hostage Exchange

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If a player who had a Covert Ops commander (and no other commander) used Covert Ops to become an operative, could they select a "set aside" unit from Rapid Reinforcements to become their commander? Similarly, could they select the designated hostage unit to become their commander?

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Hello there! Your question has two answers, so I'll list them both separately: 

No - The unit chosen for "Rapid Reinforcements" is set aside and cannot be targeted by additional game effects (other than the Rapid Reinforcements card that set it aside in the first place).

Yes - The "Hostage Exchange" unit is in play and, while they must be a corps unit to be selected as the turn zero Hostage carrier, that condition has been met already. There is nothing that dictates they must remain a corps unit.

Hopefully that makes things clear! 

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