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Tie Defender and Tie Defender Elite Title

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Since the white 4K becomes red with the defender title, does it still get to perform an evade since it says fully execute a 3 -5 maneuver you may perform an evade action or because the stress is applied during the check difficulty before the ship can perform an action, does that negate the free evade? 

So if I perform a red 4k maneuver do I still get the evade because I completed the maneuver, then take the free evade, then take the stress and skip my normal perform action step? Thanks!

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When you equip the Tie Defender Elite configuration you replace your Full Throttle ship ability with the following ship ability:

Advanced Fire Control: After you perform a Cannon or Missile attack, if you have a lock on the defender, you may perform a bonus primary attack against the defender.

As such the free evade action provided by the Full Throttle ship ability no longer applies.

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