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Allies of Convenience

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So I’m no doubt overthinking this, but without AoC a list can only contain 1 mercenary unit for each rank (commander, corps, special forces, support and heavy), but AoC allows you to take 1 extra in one of those categories, correct?

Also can mercenary units use the courage value of your commander regardless whether you have AoC or not, you just can’t give out orders to your merc units if you don’t have AoC, correct?

Thanks in advance.


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A standard legion army can only include one mercenary unit of each rank and two corps units. Allies of convenience allows you to take one additional mercenary of any rank. 

Mercenary units follow all standard courage rules, however, some of them have the Self preservation keyword which only allows them to use the courage of commanders with the same affiliation. Mercenary units can only receive orders from units with the same affiliation as themselves, or a unit with the Allies of convenience keyword. 

Hope that helps! 


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