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Hello friends,

I have a rules question:

Say Shadowland Daredevil (or Elektra) use Coordinated Strike against Mysterio. As the attack resolves Hand Ninja's are placed near Mysterio. 

Because a character was placed close to Mysterio, tricks and traps triggers, but because the Hand Ninja, Ninja Ambush triggers as soon as they are placed they are able to immediately attack.

Do the hand ninjas trigger their Ninja Ambush first or does tricks and traps trigger before the Ninja ambush? 


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In this situation, we have two effects occurring at the same time, the reactive tricks and traps and the ninja ambush.

This means we will follow the timing laid out in Appendix A, specifically this section

”If a player is attacking, the attacking player resolves all effects, then the defending player, then....”

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I realise that tricks and traps is a difficult rule but what youre saying here appears to not quite line up with this previous ruling on berserker barage. 

So is it

A) ninja places, fully resolves attack (including damage) and then you do traps or, 

B) Do the attack, then the traps and if traps kills the ninjas then ignore the damage they would have done.

Thanks in advance 

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Let me know if this helps explain how these scenarios are different, the Berserker Barrage scenario doesn't involve multiple rules occurring at the same time.

The Berserker Barrage scenario looks like this when going through the attack timing steps

Attack steps
11a - The Place from Berserker barrage
          - Tricks and Traps now "interrupts" things as it reactively triggers on the end of a movement.
             - We now resolve Tricks and Traps and then "roll back up" to where it inserted itself
      - Is wolverine Dazed or KO'd? If yes, the attack ends here, otherwise, continue
11b(If continuing) -
11c(If continuing) -
12-14(If continuing) -

For the scenario in this post, we'll use Coordinated Strike from Shadowland Daredevil

Attack steps
14a - The rule on coordinated Strike that places the Hand Ninjas in play
           - We now have two effects that occur as a result of the placement. The Ninja Ambush and the Tricks and Traps
           - Because these are both occurring at the exact same time and occurring during 14a of an attack, we follow the previously mentioned timing rule

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