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Detonate and wound token assignment

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Situation: rebel proton charge saboteur is at the corner of a building and the other mini in his strike team (call him Bob for reference) is behind him well behind the building.  The saboteur uses his action to throw a charge and the charge has line of sight to 3 enemy units and the saboteur that threw it.  However the other mini in the saboteur’s group (Bob) does not have line of sight to the charge token. The rebel player decides to use detonate because he has 3 enemy units in range.  When assigning wound tokes is Bob eligible to be assigned wound tokens? This would basically be a suicide bomb and after the proton charge saboteur dies, since he is the unit leader of the strike team his figure would replace Bob assuming Bob can’t be assigned wound tokens.

I guess the overall question here is: are minis that don’t have line of sight to a charge token that is detonating able to be assigned wound tokens when their unit is resolving an attack from a charge being detonated?

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