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Melee across a barricade or wall

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Quick question 

if a unit is behind a barricade or wall can another unit engage it in melee through the barricade even though the bases are both not physically in contact.

also would the ability “unhindered” have any bearing on this?


a unit of stormtroopers in in cover behind a barricade, they are charged by a tauntaun unit with unhindered - would the tauntauns need to navigate around the barricade or can they run over it and engage in melee? 

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The unit leader needs to make base to base contact to start a melee engagement. Unhindered doesn’t have any bearing on a unit starting an engagement, it only prevents the unit from reducing its speed due to difficult terrain. If the attacking unit can make base to base contact with the silhouette of the defending unit, an engagement may start that way. 


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