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vehicles in base contact with mini

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If a vehicle cannot be engaged with an miniature can you preform a ranged attack to the unit in base contact and vise versa.


For example a group of rebel troopers come into base to base contact with an at-st can the at-st use its ms-4 blaster cannon to attack the unit of  rebel troopers in base to base contact with it?

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Hey there,

No, the AT-ST cannot use that weapon against the Rebel Troopers in your example. The MS-4 Blaster is range 1-4, and the Rebels are in base to base, which means they are in melee range (which is the red x symbol with two crossed sabers). If you're touching another miniature, you can only use weapons that have that symbol on it. 

Because the AT-ST is a vehicle and isn't considered to be engaged by the Rebel Troopers, the AT-ST could fire at a unit outside of the melee. It could of course use it's fence cutting blades to attack, as they have the melee range symbol I've described. Additionally, the Rebel troopers could make a ranged attack action against another unit, as they are not considered to be engaged with the AT-ST either. 

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