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Recover the supplies scenario

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Hello. Need help to understand scenario.


1) In situation if I have:

1 unit with 1 claimed token

and another unit with 2 claimed tokens

how much victory points will I have in the end?


2) The problem for me that it is written "1 victory point for each objective token that is claimed by 1 of their units"

"claimed by 1 of their units" = I choose only 1 unit among all my units

"1 victory point for each objective token" = counting tokens on 1 unit (as wrote above) but only on 1

so in situation above I would say that is is 2 vp in the end


3) also I think that author wanted to say sum of all claimed tokens under my control that would mean 3 vp in this situation


please help, find this scenario vary significantly according to wording

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