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Dynamic Exit Event - Clarification

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Hi there,


Could you help with some clarification on a few things for the Dynamic Exit Event?


1.  The victory conditions for the blue player say that "At the start of the end phase, if the Defense Turrets are disabled, the blue player may reveal each claimed Precious Cargo token within the red player deployment zone.  If the blue player reveals a token that matches the Target Token, they win the game."


Does the blue player HAVE to have their matching token in the red player's deployment zone to win?  Sounds straight forward, but "may" and "must" could have different effects here...


2.  For the Defense Turret Terminal Tracker, if the blue player was at their first terminal trying to power down the turrets, and rolled three hits...would they flip three turret trackers at once?  Or can you only disable one token per try?


Thanks in advance!


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