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Vader's Might and Transport: Open

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Can Vader's Might be used on a unit that is inside a vehicle being transported with Transport: Open?

The FAQ had a rules entry concerning this that was made before the advent of the new Transport rules, and they were never updated to be in line with the current transport rules. Can this be updated to reflect the current rules?

Key new passage from the RRG:

pg. 80: Transported
"When measuring range from a transported unit, measure
from the base of the vehicle that is transporting that unit.
When measuring range to a transported unit, measure to
the base of the vehicle that is transporting that unit."

Key new ruling that can be compared to for relevance, indicating that a unit in an Transport: Open is not "off the board":

Units in an Open Transport and Secret Mission - Star Wars: Legion Rules Questions - Atomic Mass Games Forum


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