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Force Push and others

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Hi, a have some questions:

1. Can Force push trigger the Standby? if i put an enemy unit into LOS of my unit with standby using “force push” 

2. If Yoda use “guidance” and give standby to a unit that has already attacked, why that unit can’t attack again if is a “new activation “? The rules limit is the activation no the round, same happen with “Pulling the strings” 

3. if i use an attack with Vader and use the command card “implacable can use standby in the second activation? 

Thank you 🙏🏽 

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1. Yes. One of the things that can trigger standby is moves. 

2. The unit does not gain a standby token, it takes a Standby Action. You cannot take the standby action if you have attacked during your activation, even if that happened earlier in the round. If Guidance happens outside of the units activation, but the unit made an attack or attack action during their activation, you would not be able to take a Standby Action. Abilities that give standby tokens are still valid workarounds. “Pull the Strings” works differently and is a valid option due to the reasons you stated. 


3. No, for the reason above. 


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