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The High Council and Helmut Zemo

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Lets Say the following is true Johann Schmidt is not dazed has 6 power. Arnim Zola is contesting a secure objective token (not dazed of course because to contest you must be non dazed). Wolfgang von Strucker is not Dazed and is within 2 more enemy chacacters with the posion special condition. And Helmut Zemo has dazed and enemy chacacter this round but is now Dazed himself. Can you play the High Council on one of the other three chacacters at this point paying the cost if your the active player and have the power even though Helmut Zemo dazed after meeting his condition? 

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The card for hydra the high council has 4 requirements from 4 different characters. The card specifies Johann Schmidt is not dazed. Arnim Zola is contesting a secure (to contest you cannot be dazed). Strucker is not dazed and within 2 of 2 poisoned enemy characters. Helmut Zemo has dazed or KO'd someone this round. 

Does Zemo need to be not dazed/alive for an allied hydra character to play the card? 

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During a round where Johann Schmidt and Arnim Zola are fulfilling their obligations for "The High Council" to be playable, and Zemo dazes/KOs an enemy character then is himself KOed, if Baron Stucker activates and uses Deathspore Virus to meet his portion of the cards condition, can the card be played even though Zemo is off the table at that point?

The stipulations for the other 3 require them to be on the board however as written it does not appear to be the case for Zemo. 


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The Council cares not for the fate of Zemo, so long as he serves his purpose! 

(No, Zemo is not required to still be on the battlefield at the time the card is played. He must simply have Dazed or KO'd a character, as the card states.)


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