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Din's Amban Rifle Ability Clarifications

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I am seeking a few clarifications on the action ability of Din's Amban Rifle:

(1) The first sentence reads "If you are not engaged, perform a speed-1 move, then choose an enemy unit in line of sight."  Does the limitation of the bolded language apply only to taking this particular action (i.e., Din Djarin has to start the action not engaged, but can become engaged as part of the speed-1 move and still gets to choose an enemy and roll the attack die) or does it apply as a parameter that must be met for all parts of the ability (i.e., if Din becomes engaged as part of the speed-1 move, he does not continue with the rest of the ability)?

(2) At what point would an enemy unit be able to spend a standby token: immediately after the speed-1 move (before "then choose an enemy unit"), or after resolution of the entire ability?  This answer would suggest that a speed-1 move during an ability is sufficient to trigger the spending of a standby token, but it's not the same scenario.

(3) If the answer to (2) is that an enemy can spend a standby token immediately after the speed-1 move, and the resolution of the standby action defeats Din Djarin, does the remainder of the ability occur or no?

(4)  If the Din Djarin unit has included the Grogu counterpart, when resolving Din's Amban Rifle's ability, can an enemy unit be chosen if it is in line of sight of the Grogu mini but not the Din Djarin mini?  Typically, the ability specifically notes otherwise, line of sight for abilities that are not attacks can be drawn from any mini in the unit; but this is an ability specifically granted by a armament upgrade and involves a counterpart.

(5) I understand that Din's Amban Rifle's ability is not an attack and solely requires Din Djarin to have line of sight to the selected unit.  Does that mean that, like most other abilities, Din Djarin can select a unit that is in line of sight but otherwise could not normally be the defender of a ranged attack?  Specific scenarios where this appears to be the case, but seem very unintuitive to me, are: (a) when the only mini in the enemy unit in line of sight has the Small keyword; (b) when the enemy unit is engaged in melee; (c) when the enemy unit has the Inconspicuous keyword (assuming other valid targets exist); (d) when the enemy unit has the Incognito keyword (assuming the effects are still operative); (e) when the enemy unit is embarked in a closed transport; (f) when Limited Visibility is in effect and the proposed target is beyond the range where attacks would be permitted; (g) when a card effect otherwise restricts the ability to attack the chosen unit (such as The Phantom Menace or Reckless Diversion); (h) when a card effect prevents Din Djarin from performing attacks (such as I am a Jedi).

(6) Since Din's Amban Rifle's ability is not an attack, is it correct to say that the wound must be assigned to a mini in the enemy in accordance with the Wounds entry of the RRG, without regard to whether Din Djarin had line of sight to the particular mini being assigned the wound?  (I.e., can this effect cause a mini to be defeated that was completely obscured from Din Djarin by line-of-sight blocking terrain, such as a completely hidden second trooper in a sniper strike team?)

Thank you for your clarification.

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1. You only have to not be engaged before Din starts the speed 1 move. Being engaged after the move still meets the listed trigger.

2. A Standby can be spent after the speed x move is completed. 

3. If Din is defeated, the remainder of the ability would not occur, as there is now no point to draw LoS from Din to his target. 

4. LoS can be drawn from either miniature. 

5. Yes to all of the listed examples. 

6. Yes, for the reasons listed. 


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