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Trained in your Jedi arts attacks

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For the end of activation effect on grevious one pip does he preform those attacks against an enemy units that are engaged with a different unit other than grevious and would he also preform those attacks against units with incognito or inconspicuous?

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Hey there! 

"Trained in your Jedi Arts" follows the same rules as ranged attacks - you make an attack that must have Range, Line of Sight, etc to the defender. Because the weapon's range is not in a yellow circle (like a mine or saboteur bomb), General Grievous is unable to attack engaged units that he is not engaged with. 

Assuming General Grievous meets the text of incognito or inconspicuous, he can indeed perform attacks against those units. To give an example, if he is within range 1 of an R2D2 with a suppression token, as long as he makes attacks against the other units inconspicuous would normally require him to attack, he can then attack R2D2. 

Hope that helps! 

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