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Self-Destructing and Gunslinger/Defeated Transports

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1. If IG-11 uses his Anti-Capture Protocols to perform a self-destruct action, does this interact with his Gunslinger keyword, as self-destruct attacks are ranged attacks? And if yes, does he get one gunslinger attack after all self-destruct attacks (since self-destruct is one free action), or one for each self-destruct attack?


2. If a self-destruct attack defeats a closed transport vehicle, causing its transported units to come out, can the self-destruct attack target this unit, as long as they are at range 1? Or did they need to be out when the self-destruct was declared?

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1. No. Self destruct is an attack, and Gunslinger triggers off Attack Actions.

2. Yes, you would be able to target the unit that was being transported after it comes out, as the attacks are declared and carried out one at a time. 


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