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Vehicle Movement and Starting a Melee

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I am looking for clarification regarding vehicle movement and how that interacts with starting a melee. 

I understand that vehicles can be in melee, but cannot be engaged, and normally, units without a melee weapon cannot start a melee. However, near the end of the Transport X: Closed entry, it says the following:  

A vehicle without a [melee symbol] weapon cannot move into base contact with an enemy unit unless it is displacing that unit.

Could you describe the movement the vehicle would have to take to fulfill this apparent exception to the rule about a vehicle moving into base contact without a melee weapon?

Secondly, would the enemy unit on the receiving end of the base contact from the vehicle complete the 'snapping' steps outlined in the Melee entry in the RRG?

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Hey there,

Just like when you want to start a melee with a creature trooper and a normal trooper, the creature trooper has to stop moving right at the edge of the other trooper's base, or it'll displace it. Similarly, a vehicle unit without a melee weapon can't stop moving right at the edge of enemy mini's base (because it can't start a melee), it can stop just short of it or, if the enemy can be displaced, the vehicle can move over or through the mini to displace it. 

As for "snapping," if both units have melee weapons - everyone snaps. That's a part of melees. "Can't shoot out, can't shoot into, and must withdraw" are the three rules that are special to engagements. Everything else is a general melee rule. Note, if the defender doesn't have a melee weapon, like speeder bikes, they don't snap - that's the only time minis don't snap into melee (since the attacker always needs a melee weapon to start the melee in the first place).

Hope this helps! 


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