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Force push question and saber tank

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Thank you in advance.

1. The saber tank activates and shoots. Later Padame and anakin go and make standby tokens. Can the tank use those tokens if in range? 

2. My Anakin force pushes a trooper unit towards him. Does he have to make base contact with the leader to be in melee and/or engaged? May I put the enemy troopers in cohesion in a way where a nonleader mini is in base contact? 

3. If he may force push the unit into melee, does the enemy unit minis move into cohesion after the push? 


I hope that was clear. Thank you!

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1. Yes. You can spend a standby token outside of your activation even if you have attacked during your activation. 

2. The unit leader of the unit moving needs to make base to base contact to start a melee. Cohesion cannot be used to start the engagement. 

3. Yes. Once a melee engagement is started, the other miniatures snap into base to base contact. 


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