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Jump X usable once or twice per activation?

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Card Actions are unique actions and cannot perform the same card action more than once during it's activation.

Move actions can be taken more than once per activation.

Jump X on pg. 53 of the RRG states that we treat the action as a move action. Card Action on pg. 22 states we treat it as the type of action in it's text (in the case of Jump X, move action).

Luke even expands on this saying: 


Some card actions, such as Saber Throw or jump x, are treated as other types of actions. This is indicated in the text of the card action itself. When a unit performs that card action, treat that action as the type of action indicated in its text, as well as a card action, for the purposes of other game effects and to determine how many times that action can be performed during a unit’s activation.

My confusion about this whole situation comes from the underlined text. If a card action can only be taken once per activation. What would be a situation where we would need to determine how many times it can be performed? If it's both a Card Action (1 per activation) and a Move Action (2 per activation) which takes precedence? 

Thank you!

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Guest AMG_Luke


The short answer to your question is that the limit of once per activation for card actions takes precedence. 

The longer answer is that it's considered both types of actions, and whichever limit is reached first is what restricts how many times that action can be performed. In this case, a unit may perform an unlimited number of move actions but it may only perform each card action once. A player needs to "determine" when that limit is met – even if that limit is only 1.


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