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Loki Trickster vs Crystal Elemental Onslaught

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If Loki Tricksters out of one of Crystals attacks (during normal activation) and Crystal goes on to use Elemental Onslaught is she considered to have 'used' the attack during the Trickstered action (she wouldn't have paid for it)

First action Crystal declares Volcanic Surge (B3 no other targets just Loki)
Loki Tricksters out of range 
Crystal uses here new action to move closer 
Second action Crystal does a Hydrokenisis attack(R4)

She then pays for Elemental Onslaught (and she is within R3 of Loki) is
(a.) the only attack left that she can declare Hurricane Blast (R4) or
(b.) does she also have the option to declare Volcanic Surge as she never paid for it?

Step 1 is declare attack, trickster triggers in 2, pay for attack is 3. at what point is the attack considered used? Step 1 or 3?


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Assuming she is not in range for Earth-Shaker, the only option would be Hurricane Blast. 

Volcanic Surge was already used in the first action of the activation.

When you enter the attack sequence the first step is to declare the attack. That’s when it is counted as used. 

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