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Ignoring Obstacles Effects

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On 10/16/2022 at 8:05 AM, restlessdevil said:

If I use mining ties to ignore asteroids does that mean they can still shoot when on one?

Also much, how if I use Qira crew on the Falcon to lock and ignore the obstacle, I can still shoot from on the obstacle?

Does this also allow me the use of trick shot?

The Modified TIE/ln Fighter (Mining Ties) only ignore asteroids while they are moving. As a result they are no longer ignoring obstacles while engaging and thus are not able to shoot while on an asteroid. Qi'ra (Crew) on the other hand includes that you also ignore obstacles you are locking while performing attacks. So yes If Qi'ra (Crew) is on an overlapping an obstacle that the ship she is on is locking that ship would still be able to attack.

The FAQ (V1.43.1) has a good description of what "Ignores Obstacles".

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