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Heavy/support Unit - Unit leader

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Hello again!

I wish to know of the Heavy Units and support units, (aside from repulssor vehicles) are considered as unit leader themselves and can get the claim action and also be able to score victory points for objetives like:

- Be at range 1 from the objective to capture it.

- Be at range 1 from enemy edge of the map.

- Be in contact with the terrain feature that has an objective marker.

Taking into account that the RRG says that every unit of one is considerede as it's own leader.

Thank you!



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As you quoted, single miniature units are their own unit leader. They do not automatically get the claim action, the units that get that are outlined on those objective cards.

Similarity, they interact with objectives that allow those units to score. Each objective specifies exactly what type of units can interact and score on them. A blanket statement cannot be applied to your examples above, as they vary per objective. 


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