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Crystal and her Elemental Empowerment superpower

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Elemental Empowerment reads: "Enemy characters performing a Shake action while within 3 range of this character may not remove the Incinerate, Slow, or Stun special conditions."

Question: Does Crystal's elemental empowerment superpower activate after a character uses shake as one of their actions or does it prevent them from shaking in the first place?

The trigger seems to require the enemy character to perform a shake action already, so it seems as though the enemy character may still perform a shake but they cannot remove the Incinerate, slow, or stun conditions. 

Therefore, which circumstance applies here in the following scenario? (credit to Thoras):

Scenario 1

- Enemy character performs shake (spending action)

- Choses to remove incinerate/slow/stun

- Elemental Empowerment triggers: preventing opponent from shaking those conditions.

- Enemy character may still remove another special condition because they performed shake

Scenario 2

- Enemy performs shake AND selects incinerate, slow, or stun (costing one action)

- Elemental empowerment triggers and enemy character cannot select incinerate, slow, or stun

- No action is lost because its all part of the same action

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