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Timing of free actions when using standby

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What is the timing when a unit with free actions uses a standby token?

1) A unit of snowtroopers moves into range of a unit of tauntauns with a standby token. The tauntauns spend the standby token to do a move action. Can they perform the free attack action from relentless before the free attack action from the snowtroopers steady keyword occurs?

2) Can a standby interrupt another standby? The tauntauns from the example above move into range of another unit of snowtroopers. Can they spend their standby before the tauntauns attack from the relentless keyword?

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Hey there,

When a unit spends a standby token, they perform an attack action or move action, and all associated free actions before the unit that triggered the standby finishes their activation. 

In your first example, the Tauntauns would move, and perform their free attack from relentless, and receive their free dodge from agile 1 before the snowtroopers get to preform an attack action from steady

A standby can indeed interrupt another standby. To add on to the above scenario, Snowtrooper A moves and triggers the Tauntaun standby. The Tauntauns then take a move action, which triggers a standby token from Snowtrooper B. Snowtrooper B would then perform their free move or attack action (and attack from steady if they moved), then the Tauntauns would compete their move action (attack via relentless and then gain a dodge from agile), and then Snowtrooper A would get to attack with steady (if they wished to do so). 

Hope this helps! 


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