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Team tactic card question

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So the games we play are very casual and don't follow the banned/restricted card list, which leads me to my question. I have a dazed character can I use Field Dressing to undazed said character and then use Medpack and Patch Up to heal up the character. Assuming I have enough power. Was playing today and the player I was playing against said on a YouTube video they watched that all three couldn't be played together because one of the cards, I can't remember which one he said, had to played during the Power Phase. Wording on the card says nothing about when the card needed to to be played and rules imply that cards could be played at anytime as long they meet the requirements on the cards to be play them. Thanks in advance

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What you describe can be done but there are a couple restrictions to keep in mind. 

The character that plays Medpack must be the active character. 

The character that plays Field Dressing cannot use the card on itself. It must be used on another character. The same is true for Patch Up.

For both Field Dressing and Patch Up, the character paying for the card does not have to be active.

1 hour ago, dbrowne1974 said:

Follow up question, unless specified on the card, do characters have to activate to use a tactic card. sorry tried to edit again but it wouldn't let me

The card will specify the requirements to play the card including if a specific character has to play it or if a character has to activate to play it.

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