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Rush and when his ability triggers…

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Rush goes from initiative two to six when he is damaged. 
two questions: 

1.  does it trigger when he first loses a shield or only one he has a damage card? 

2.  Rush is damaged by an initiative 4 pilot. 
    Is Rush now immediately an i6, thus losing their attack on the current round or does the ability trigger for the next round?

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Rules Reference v1.4.4. pg. 9:
A ship is damaged while it has at least one damage card. A ship is critically damaged while it has at least one faceup damage card.

Rules Reference v1.4.4 pg. 39:
Q: If "Rush" becomes damaged during the Engagement Phase before the initiative 2 step, causing its initiative to become "6", what happens?

A: "Rush" engages at the current initiative step, after all other ships at that step have engaged.

A reminder to be sure to only ask ONE rules question per thread. Create a new thread for each question. (Per the Forum Rules)

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