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Are you forced to measure range from the shortest distance from model to model?

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In the (beautiful drawn) image, assume that the blue circles are enemy troopers, the black lines are Range 2 Range Rulers, the green line is a Range 1 Range Ruler, and the red oval is a GAV Transporting IG-11.

The rules state, "To measure range, a player places the start of the range ruler so it touches the base of the mini that range is being measured from. Then, they point the range ruler toward the mini that range is being measured to. The number of segments (and partial segments) of the range ruler that lie between the bases of the two minis is the  range." (page 66)

In the case of the blue circle with both of the lines (green and black), could the player controlling IG-11 choose to place the Range Ruler on the table following the black line as opposed to the green line?  It appears as if the black line would follow the rule quoted above.  The advantage here would be to avoid units at Range 1 of IG-11 when attacking with his Mechanical Carnage Command Card.


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