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Firing arcs

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I noticed this post asking about firing arcs and hotshot tail blaster.

Taking that into account it may happen:


- A ship with outmaneuver can use it when i front of a ship with only a ion cannon arc (like a jumpaster and having turret pointing somewhere else)

- FO whisper Wrath with ion cannons and rotating arc behind could suffer outmaneuver from an enemy


- A jumpmaster with notorious would not apply it in case someone shots him by the front arc while using a ion cannon (and having turret pointing somewhere else)


So does this make sense? because sounds good to me in case of a proton torpedoes or hotshot blaster, but not for a cannon. A cannon IMHO should be an attack arc to be considered in those situations.


So really those hipotetical sitations should be resolved as the mentioned forum thread resolves? I dont understand why a cannon is different than a turret in those situations...

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To clarify, A cannon/missile/torpedo upgrade does not provide an attack arc for the reasons given in the Rules Reference Guide under Firing Arcs (v1.4.4 - pg. 4):

Firing Arcs:
A ship’s firing arcs include all shaded arcs on the ship’s ship token plus all turret arcs, if any.
If an upgrade card gives a ship a turret arc or primary weapon with a specified arc, those arcs are also firing arcs.

Therefor, if the attacker is in the arc used by an upgrade card (eg rear arc on Hotshot Tail Blaster) but that arc is not a turret arc nor a shaded arc, then abilities that require the attacker to be in a firing arc would not trigger.

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