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Independent Calculations and Modified for Organics

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"Modified for Organics:" "This ship is not affected by the Standardized restriction"

From the Rules Reference, Standardized: "...During squad
building, if a player selects a ship with a standardized card equipped, each
ship of that ship type (i.e., full ship name) in that player's squad must be
equipped with a copy of that standardized card."

So, if I have multiple Droid Fighters, one of which is a "Kelrodo-Ai Holdout", can the remaining droids equip "Independent Calculations" or not?

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Yes the remaining droids can equip "Independent Calculations" even though Kelrodo-Ai Holdout cannot take it. The statement that a ship is not affected by the standardized restrictions exempts it from having to equip it unlike the rest of the relevant ships in the list.


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