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Take That, Clankers!

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For Rex’s two pip Take That, Clankers! does that apply to just the 2 troopers (not counting direct, hq uplink etc) that may extend their range by one?

Say a trooper drawn from a bag/pile is selected, activates, the token is face up on the field so is this trooper unit allowed to use the effect?

And do they have to have the aim before they activate or can they say for example take an aim token and still use the effect to extend range? 
Thank you!

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Hey there Owen,

A unit needs to have a face-up order token to use the effects of "Take That Clankers!". That means they need to either be issued an order via a command card, or use cards like "HQ Uplink" to issue themselves an order. You can therefore have more than 2 troopers that potentially take advantage of this card. 

When a token is drawn from the bag, it is placed facedown next to the activating unit. That unit would not benefit from the effect of "Take That Clankers!". 

To answer your final question, they can take the aim action or receive an aim from another source (like "Electrobinoculars") to meet the requirements of "Take That Clankers!". 

Hope that helps! 


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