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Contingencies Question

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Lets say i have a list with Kallus and Boba
-> Boba has already been defeated
->i still have his 2 pip in my command hand and kallus 2 pip as contingency
-> can i reveal bobas 2 pip and change it to kallus 2 pip?
- i know i cant when its the other way round (so kallus has been defeated and i still have his 2 pip in hand and bobas 2 pip as contingency) but the rrf isnt quite clear for me in the presented case with boba dead and kallus alive
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Hey there Ravy,

If a Commander or Operative is defeated, you cannot play that units associated command cards. You therefore cannot use contingencies to replace the command card of a unit that has been defeated (Boba Fett in your example). 

Hope that helps! 


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