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Reckless diversion and melee attacking a vehicle

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In a scenario where han plays reckless diversion, could a unit melee a vehicle instead of shooting at one of the reckless targets? In my case i had a dewback move to melee an ATRT. With relentless it melee'd the ATRT instead of shooting at han. Could you please explain how the attack steps interact with hans reckless diversion?



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Hi Vael,

The text for Han's Reckless Diversion states that your units, when performing an attack, ..."must attack a trooper unit that has a faceup order token, if able" (emphasis mine). In your example, the Dewback may be in base contact with the AT-RT, but it is not engaged with it, as an AT-RT is not a trooper unit. Since your Dewback is allowed either a melee or ranged attack with Relentless, and it was not engaged and unable to perform ranged attacks, and it was (I'm contextually assuming) in range and line of sight of an enemy Han Solo with a face-up order token, it would have to perform an attack against him, as it is able to do so.

I hope that helps,

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